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Guangdong Haisun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., is an innovative high-tech company with import and export rights located in Shunde which is one of the most energetic and prosperous manufacturing cities in Guangdong China.

Since establishment, we has been adhering to the corporate mission of “Building a global eco-environment and Enjoying the health and wealth of life”, and has fully implemented the principle of protecting the environment and devoted itself to the development, application and promotion of new water-based environmental protection materials. We have established provincial level laboratories such as Water-based Macromolecule Material Synthesis, Engineering Techniques on Water-based Macromolecule Materials Application, Physical and chemical Properties Test for Material, Exterior Decoration Material Pilot Test. By the continuous efforts of our professional technology team we successively obtained dozens of national invention patents, a number of national/provincial scientific and technological achievements and high-tech products.

We have several product lines including wood armor, waterborne polyurethane resin, waterborne acrylic resin, water based epoxy resin, water-based matting agent, which are widely used in wood, metal, paper ink, floor, plastic coatings and other fields. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14000 certification, all our products meet the requirements of SGS, REACH, ROHS standard with authorized certificates can be provided by customer’s requirement. Depending on our innovative business philosophy, strong R&D team, advanced production testing equipment, perfect service system, and a number of holding companies and factories we are expending and developing continuously.


  Guangdong Haisun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to briefly as Haisun Technology),has domestic first-class R&D equipment for water-based paint,has advanced detectability and strong research capability,trained a large number of talented people for For enterprise and society.

  Up to now, Haisun Technology has independently researched and completed dozens of scientific and technological projects, and independently researched and developed the "high-closed, and anti-swelling burr water-based wood coating series ", has passed the test of national scientific and technological achievements, which achieved the leading level in China.

Company environment

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1 机械及电气类相关专业,大专以上学历或等同的专业能力,熟练操作各类设计软件

2 具有系统的思维能力,熟悉各类机械原理,有3年以上机械设备开发经验和相应的电气知识




1 非金属矿专业、混凝土及水泥、高分子材料等相关专业,无工作经验要求

2 具有较广的知识面,勤学好问,具有独立思考的能力和学习能力

3 对自我有严格的要求, 具有强烈的求知欲和上进心 ,能承受较大的工作压力和良好的心理素质






3.对自我有严格的要求, 具有强烈的求知欲

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Guangdong Haisun New Material Technology Co., Ltd

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